How to Build Great Email List Subscribers for Your Blog

If you are part of the fast growing blogosphere, then you must be familiar with the importance of having Email list for your blog. For long run of your blog, you don’t only need visitors, you need readers as well. And they aren’t just random readers but the dedicated ones who are always interested in reading your blog posts whenever you have new blog posts. But building an email list for your blog is not an easy task. It requires lots of hard work need to be done to get a huge list of readers for your blog. Therefore, I decided to create this post, in which I am going to list the best tips to build email subscribers for your blog. So let’s have a look at it.

Write E-Book

This is probably the best method to get good no. of subscribers for your blog. All you need to do is to write an E-Book on the topic of your blog. You can write E-Book and place it on Squeeze page. Visitors will like to read W-Book written by you. But to gain access to the E-Book, they will have to enter their email address. So you will be getting good no. of subscribers for your blog. Buy your E-Book should be written properly with quality information so that the reader gets fall in love with it and should recommend it to their friends.

Provide Quality Content

This is most important. If your blog has quality and informative content, then you need not to follow any other method to get readers for your blog. No one will like to subscribe to blog which has no use for them. If your blog helps your visitors by providing the information, that they were looking for, they will like to become permanent readers of your blog by subscribing to it.

Continuous Blogging

People only like to subscribe to blog which keeps providing them useful information. If you are not updating your blog for a long time, then you will lose all the subscribers that you got hardly for your blog. The best way to get subscribers and to keep them subscribed to your blog is by thinking from the reader point of view. You will know yourself the value of constant blogging and informative content by considering yourself as a reader.

Start Giveaway

This is another good method to get subscribers for your blog in less time. There are many people including the bloggers who are always looking for free stuff. You can start a giveaway of any particular product or software and can set the conditions for entering into the giveaway. Most of the blogger’s tart giveaway and ask people to subscribe to their blog, in order to participate in the giveaway. Well, this shows results as well. Because as many the no. of participants you have, same no. of subscribers you will get for your blog.

Engage With Other Bloggers

Only bloggers like you, know the value of subscribers for any blog. They are always there to help each other. Engaging with other bloggers can help in getting good no. of subscribers for your blog. The bloggers like to use the exchange method. They will ask you to subscribe to their blogs and in exchange, they will subscribe to yours. This will help you to build a community with other bloggers and to get good no. of email subscribers for your blog.

Getting email subscribers for your blog is not so easy. But you can surely ease the task by using the above mentioned tips. If you have any doubt or query related to the tips mentioned above, and then please drop it via your comments in the comment section below.


  1. Thanks for the useful tips,,and asking to subscribe for a ebook really works

  2. I am new to this blogosphere. Will be trying all of these. Thanks.

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